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Inflation: The Game of Prices- Part 1 | Arkesh Singh Deo

raviranjan 1527 days ago on News - The economic progress, in India today, has come at the cost of high inflation rate. In the last five years, food inflation contributed to over 41% to the overall inflation in the country. An average household ( in India) incurs half of its expenditure on food, and poor around 60% (NSSO, 2011). The poor cannot easily hedge against inflation; high food inflation inflicts a strong ‘hidden tax’ on the poor. Our Consumer price inflation is among highest in the world. Also, our asset inflation in terms of property has skyrocketed. The poor consumer is getting gutted from all sides.

Arkesh Singh Deo Look at Hong Kong!

raviranjan 1511 days ago on News - Hong Kong has one of the freest countries in the world in every respect but one. A place with no resources except a magnificent harbor, an island offs peninsula, a population of 500,000 after World War II that has grown to a population close to six million over ten times as large and at the same time.- By Arkesh singh deo

Arkesh singh deo discussing with party leaders

raviranjan 1506 days ago on News - This red top up here, the eraser, a bit of rubber, probably comes from Kerala, where the rubber tree isn’t even native. This brass feral might have come from somewhere in Chile which is rich in that resource. The yellow paint or the paint that made the black lines or the glue that holds it together,-By Arkesh singh deo

Arkesh Singh Deo - Young India on the Move

raviranjan 1497 days ago on News - It a pleasure to see Arkesh Singh Deo’s views on not just social issues but economic as well, ranging from women empowerment to government policies on trade. I think Arkesh will mark his identity in political arena of Odisha and India as well in coming years.

Arkesh singh deo - Another gem in the crown

raviranjan 1533 days ago on News - One leader that has really captured attention due to his dedication and vision is Arkesh Singh Deo. Son of Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, Arkesh singh deo has been active in the Bolangir district while working for Biju Janata Dal (BJD). The family has had an illustrious association in the political forefront and Arkesh singh deo is proving to be another gem in the crown.

Arkesh Singh Deo is an Indian politician from Odisha and a leader of the Biju Janata Dal political p

raviranjan 1472 days ago on News - A leader is a person who inspire its people with their actions, and with their action they witness an equal reaction. Arkesh Singh Deo an upcoming politician from Balangir who has grabbed my attention this year is a person with a pleasing and charming personality, but he believes in serious work. As an admirer of arkesh, I have been following his posts regularly on social media.

Confident looking Arkesh singh deo

raviranjan 1532 days ago on News - Arkesh Singh Deo believes in bringing about a change, in society by empowering the youth, women and encourage sports. He believes in strengthening the roots, the foundation of the country for a propitious future of India.Considering the family graph and his personal potential, according to me, he has the ability, dedication and determination to lead the youth of our country.

Arkesh Singh Deo fantastic case of Chile

raviranjan 1512 days ago on News - I Arkesh Singh Deo bring you another fantastic case of Chile today. The totalitarian countries completely suppressed the market and also had the least human freedom. Chile, was first taken over by Salvador Allende and a socialist group. Soon he began to try to convert Chile into a completely communist state.