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raviranjan 1710 days ago on News - Arkesh Singh Deo has a promising vision of a successful young India, where the youth can lay better roots for their future generations. And to make this aim effective and more successful, education goes, in hand. But where do we start from? Well, we all can start from home, yes! Teach or send your domestic help’s children to school. Register them to government schools; make sure if such facilities are being provided, they are being availed too. Share knowledge and let it grow.

Arkesh singh deo listening to villagers problems

raviranjan 1695 days ago on News - The struggle to empower them and equip them with the same incentives as the men has been going since Adam met Eve! People go on and on as to how both these gender should be put on the same platter and given uniform rights.-By Arkesh singh deo


raviranjan 1681 days ago on News - Several economists around the world and in India are working continuously to figure out best model for a state which promotes growth and welfare simultaneously. Leaders are struggling with the decision to choose best model for their state. And common man is busy criticizing the policies - By Arkesh Singh Deo

Arkesh singh deo - Young politician

raviranjan 1717 days ago on News - There is a name which I would like to mention here is Arkesh Singh Deo he is one young dynamic man who quit his modeling career to be a part of politics as he has a strong background in politics, it’s a quite a noble decision to step into politics and serve the society where one has the freedom to choose one’s career. It’s quite inspirational for the youth to motivate them and make a positive perception in the minds of young Indians to join politics.

Living LIFE, The Economic Way – The Statistical Way of Living Life

raviranjan 1642 days ago on News - Dan Arielylt, in his book said and I quote “To summarize, using money to motivate people can be a double-edged sword. For tasks that require cognitive ability, low to moderate performance-based incentives can help.


raviranjan 1710 days ago on News - We say the future of the country lies in the hands of its new generation. But do we worry about the quality of information we are disseminating to the young minds? Are the young mind’s senses being lead for the correct development? They have no pure air to breath and no pure knowledge to grasp the correct order of information. The kind of content running on today’s television channels is polluting the young minds and has nothing educative to teach them. So, why not encourage children to move out of the four walls of houses and play in the open and encourage them into some outdoor physical act

Arkesh singh deo discussing with party leaders

raviranjan 1695 days ago on News - This red top up here, the eraser, a bit of rubber, probably comes from Kerala, where the rubber tree isn’t even native. This brass feral might have come from somewhere in Chile which is rich in that resource. The yellow paint or the paint that made the black lines or the glue that holds it together,-By Arkesh singh deo