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Arkesh singh deo in a pleasant mood

raviranjan 1576 days ago on News - We need leaders who understand their people as much as they understand the situation these people dwell in. A differentiating factor is their foresight to the progress of the country that puts them on the same dais of the global leader. One remarkable leader that stands out from the ensemble is Arkesh Singh Deo. The youngest scion from the Deo family is one such name that stands out with his evocative and placid disposition.

An optimistic looking Arkesh singh deo

raviranjan 1625 days ago on News - There is one more name which I would like to mention here is Arkesh Singh Deo he is one young dynamic man who quit his modeling career to be a part of politics as he has a strong background in politics, it’s a quite a noble decision to step into politics and serve the society where one has the freedom to choose one’s career.

Arkesh Singh Deo young lad from Orissa is a right mixture of brains

raviranjan 1605 days ago on News - In a world marred with the dire effects of inflation and economic struggles, it is important that each citizen realizes their worth and their function to making the world a better place rather than sitting and sulking about it. We cannot progress if we are stuck with an idea that the problems will disappear itself and yield a solution. We have to strive to come up with a solution that can bring the desired change.One such leader that caught my eye is Arkesh Singh Deo, the youngest scion from the Deo family.

Arkesh singh deo - NORDICS’ SUCCESS MANTRA- I

raviranjan 1598 days ago on News - I Arkesh Singh Deo would like to share a classic example of Nordics with you. The success of Nordics is evident from this line, “ to be born an Englishman is to win first prize in the lottery of life”. Perhaps, same thing could be said of being born Nordic today.

Arkesh Singh Deo - Free market philosophy

raviranjan 1601 days ago on News - I think Arkesh Singh Deo is paving his way to curb these problems by proposing free market philosophy. I find his suggestions that he posts on his page and blog to resolve economic and social problems very convincing.


raviranjan 1598 days ago on News - We say the future of the country lies in the hands of its new generation. But do we worry about the quality of information we are disseminating to the young minds? Are the young mind’s senses being lead for the correct development? They have no pure air to breath and no pure knowledge to grasp the correct order of information.youth’s daily life is Arkesh Singh Deo, an upcoming ray of hope in Indian politics.

Arkesh Singh Deo - Government Schools In India: Problems & Solutions

raviranjan 1576 days ago on News - Some people questioned that private schools get an unfair advantage by spending more money on the kids? They have more electricity, more computers, more toilets and lower pupil-teacher ratios (17:1 rather than 26:1), but reality is that they actually spend only about a third of what public schools spend per pupil - By Arkesh Singh Deo