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Arkesh singh deo greeted with flowers

raviranjan 1670 days ago on News - Think about how many lives we can save together. But are you wondering how these dogs will use the blankets? Believe me I gave away a blanket to my street dogs and next morning, saw 4 of them sleeping together on the same blanket.If all young politicians, start becoming as thoughtful and as considerate as Arkesh Singh Deo, then our country will be full of happy lives and the demon of dirt, death and disaster will be a bygone.

Arkesh Singh Deo - Youngest spokesperson of BJD (BIJU JANATA DAL).

raviranjan 1645 days ago on News - It is believed that Government planning and detailed control of economic activity lessens productive innovation, and consumer choice. Good, better, best, are replaced by “approved” or “authorized.”

AskArkesh with Arkesh Singh Deo !

raviranjan 1645 days ago on News - Social Media is a great way to reach the target audience in this fast-paced world. The global sphere is now shrinking into a global village and social media is a powerful connecting tool. Different people use it differently. It was only last week when I shared how impressed I was with Arkesh Singh Deo’s social media presence.

Arkesh singh deo - son of Balangir

raviranjan 1720 days ago on News - These days my personal favorite is Arkesh Singh Deo son of Balangir MLA, AU Singh Deo. He is an upcoming politician from the royal family of Balangir, seems to be gearing up to make his debut in the 2014 polls.Arkesh Singh Deo has already started accompanying his elder brother to BJD party rallies and meetings, the best place for his political grooming.

Arkesh singh deo discussing with party leaders

raviranjan 1719 days ago on News - One such politician whose virtual profile is as charming as his actual is Arkesh Singh Deo, son of Ananga Udaya Singh Deo and the youngest spokesperson of Biju Jananta Dal (BJD) in Orissa. Hailing from a royal background and born in a family with an active political involvement since a century now, the youngest of the lot is dynamic and conscious of the social issues of not only his region but the country as well.

Arkesh Singhdeo gets ready for political baptism?

raviranjan 1708 days ago on News - Arkesh Narayan Singhdeo, son of Balangir MLA AU Singhdeo, was seen accompanying his elder brother and Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singhdeo, during his visit to Tarbha on October 26.

Arkesh Singh Deo - Free market philosophy

raviranjan 1695 days ago on News - I think Arkesh Singh Deo is paving his way to curb these problems by proposing free market philosophy. I find his suggestions that he posts on his page and blog to resolve economic and social problems very convincing.

Arkesh Singh Deo - Government Schools In India: Problems & Solutions

raviranjan 1670 days ago on News - Some people questioned that private schools get an unfair advantage by spending more money on the kids? They have more electricity, more computers, more toilets and lower pupil-teacher ratios (17:1 rather than 26:1), but reality is that they actually spend only about a third of what public schools spend per pupil - By Arkesh Singh Deo