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Arkesh Singh Deo - Youngest spokesperson of BJD (BIJU JANATA DAL).

raviranjan 1393 days ago on News - It is believed that Government planning and detailed control of economic activity lessens productive innovation, and consumer choice. Good, better, best, are replaced by “approved” or “authorized.”

Arkesh singh deo - son of Balangir

raviranjan 1468 days ago on News - These days my personal favorite is Arkesh Singh Deo son of Balangir MLA, AU Singh Deo. He is an upcoming politician from the royal family of Balangir, seems to be gearing up to make his debut in the 2014 polls.Arkesh Singh Deo has already started accompanying his elder brother to BJD party rallies and meetings, the best place for his political grooming.

Arkesh singh deo greeted with flowers

raviranjan 1418 days ago on News - Think about how many lives we can save together. But are you wondering how these dogs will use the blankets? Believe me I gave away a blanket to my street dogs and next morning, saw 4 of them sleeping together on the same blanket.If all young politicians, start becoming as thoughtful and as considerate as Arkesh Singh Deo, then our country will be full of happy lives and the demon of dirt, death and disaster will be a bygone.

AskArkesh with Arkesh Singh Deo !

raviranjan 1393 days ago on News - Social Media is a great way to reach the target audience in this fast-paced world. The global sphere is now shrinking into a global village and social media is a powerful connecting tool. Different people use it differently. It was only last week when I shared how impressed I was with Arkesh Singh Deo’s social media presence.

Arkesh singh deo listening to villagers problems

raviranjan 1446 days ago on News - The struggle to empower them and equip them with the same incentives as the men has been going since Adam met Eve! People go on and on as to how both these gender should be put on the same platter and given uniform rights.-By Arkesh singh deo


raviranjan 1432 days ago on News - Several economists around the world and in India are working continuously to figure out best model for a state which promotes growth and welfare simultaneously. Leaders are struggling with the decision to choose best model for their state. And common man is busy criticizing the policies - By Arkesh Singh Deo


raviranjan 1461 days ago on News - Arkesh Singh Deo has a promising vision of a successful young India, where the youth can lay better roots for their future generations. And to make this aim effective and more successful, education goes, in hand. But where do we start from? Well, we all can start from home, yes! Teach or send your domestic help’s children to school. Register them to government schools; make sure if such facilities are being provided, they are being availed too. Share knowledge and let it grow.