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Sports betting in Africa

contadorharrison 1275 days ago on Business - Revelations last week over alleged criminal links to Africa’s major sporting codes has reignited debate over another controversial performance booster for Africa’s sports betting, an industry that is valued at more than $1.2 billion and expected to reach $5billion in the next five years.

Cyber bullying in Africa

contadorharrison 1278 days ago on Business - Africa research suggests that cyberbullying most commonly occurs in early and late high school, with one study stating that 13-17 year olds are the most common age group reporting cyberbullying to their friends and parents and was closely followed by 15-19 year olds.

Ad spending trends on digital TV in Africa

contadorharrison 1283 days ago on Business - Digital advertising has continued its exceptional growth trajectory in Africa according to the latest report, which was issued this week, shows digital advertising snared 38 percent of the total $4.2 billion advertising market spend in Africa for the last six months of 2014.

Ten best paying jobs in Africa

contadorharrison 1288 days ago on Business - Though African countries are at a higher risk of falling into the middle-income trap, the continent has the potential to avoid it and draw more local and international investment in manufacturing due to a mushrooming tech-savvy youth population and manageable labor costs.

Jonathan Zdziarski identifies ‘Backdoors’ running on all iOS devices

contadorharrison 1293 days ago on Mobile - Apple has vehemently denied claims by Jonathan "NerveGas" Zdziarski who spoke at the Hackers on Planet Earth conference over the weekend, presenting his claims on the functions.

Determent not effective in combating terrorism in Kenya

contadorharrison 1296 days ago on Business - As Kenya started picking up speed in the healing of its economy from the Westgate Mall attack in September 2013 that killed 67 people, another battery of terror attacks were launched on the country this week in Garissa University in the Eastern border with Somalia.