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Currency Expert John Jagerson & Iraqi Dinar

jackson9211 1427 days ago on News - The revaluation news of the Iraqi dinar has now turned into a new Iraqi dinar fraud, which has been created by the so-called get rich quick sales pitch. There are lots of scams to attract the buyers to invest in this currency.

Despite The Events we Have Enough to Support Iraqi Dinar

jackson9211 1572 days ago on News - The Governor of Central Bank of Iraq, Abdel Basset Turki, on the strength of the Iraqi dinar and the precautions that supported despite the recent situation in Iraq and the militant groups to launch an attack on Iraqi territory and the occupation of part of it.

Monetary Policy Enhance The Value of Iraqi Dinar Externally

jackson9211 1628 days ago on News - Monetary policy is the most important episodes of economic stability through the stabilization of the exchange rate of the national economy that increase the strength and effectiveness to face all the challenges facing the development process (depending on economic affairs specialist).

The Responsibility of Central Bank to Fluctuation of the Iraqi Dinar

jackson9211 1666 days ago on News - Carried committee of economy and investment parliamentary responsibility of the Central Bank of the fluctuation of the price of the Iraqi dinar against other currencies.