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Walking out of the Shadows: How to Help Your Child Enjoy the Outdoors?

emmajohnsons 1251 days ago on Sports - Did you just watch your kid spend an entire afternoon glued to the couch watching a meaningless TV show? Or perhaps the Xbox gracefully took over your child’s precious time (and mind) that should be spent playing outdoors, in the nature. Where technological advancements have brought enhanced ways to teach children, they have also brought myriad physiological and psychological ailments that can distort our children’s future.

A Quick Guide to Playground Surface Materials | Commercial Playground Equipment

emmajohnsons 1252 days ago on Sports - Did you know that more than 60% of the child injuries occur on the playgrounds? From rubber playground matting to pea gravel and wood chips, there is a lot of variety when it comes to playground surface materials, which can sometimes be confusing and challenging. This article has been put together for those who wish to learn about different playground surfacing materials; we will walk you through the various types of playground surfacing materials that can reduce the playground related injuries.

Creative Recreational Systems. Inc announces the Opening of its New Office in Northeast, Bellevue

emmajohnsons 1252 days ago on Sports - We are super excited to inform our devoted customers that Creative Recreational Systems,Inc. have launched a new office location in Northeast, Bellevue to give the residents an easy access to company’s myriad play structures. Apart from the wide collection of church, commercial and school playground equipment, the company has added various new structures to its growing family of play systems.

Creating a Culture of Well-Being: What Can We do?

emmajohnsons 1268 days ago on Sports - Summary: With the escalating trend of computer activity and sedentary life choices, our children are increasingly falling into the black pit of obesity that offers no way out. According to a report published by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, more than one third of children in America were obese in the year 2012.[1]…

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

emmajohnsons 1269 days ago on Sports - It would not be wrong to say that today’s motto of life is a disappointing slur on our lives; instead of letting our children be productive through a good amount of physical activities, we are enslaving them to the technology. This post will discuss why our kids are becoming academic learning machines and what can we do about it.

5 Backyard Games to Promote Physical Activity in Children

emmajohnsons 1310 days ago on Sports - Simple physical indoor and outdoor games have been a Zeus of all physical activity since the beginning of time. Back in the day, a simple backyard activity would bring tons of fun; the tire swing, the tree house and a simple hide and seek game were enough to provide the needed recreation. Back in the day, a simple backyard activity would bring tons of fun; the tire swing, the tree house and a simple hide and seek game were enough to provide the needed recreation. Today, however, we have deprived our children of the simple pleasures that can be garnered through simple backyard activities.

New Products By Creative Recreational Systems, Inc

emmajohnsons 1311 days ago on Sports - The modern recreational devices have impaired our children’s sense of adventure that has significantly dwindled the level of age-appropriate activity in kids. This is the reason why most children show decreased academic performance in schools and less enthusiastic attitude in the playgrounds.

How to Boost Children’s Physical Activity through Parental Support

emmajohnsons 1316 days ago on Sports - Do you hate getting out of bed every morning? How about your evening routine; do you spend most of your time on the couch glued to watching a cheap evening program on TV? Research shows that parents can impart their lifestyle to their children. Parents play a significant role in their child’s overall physical development. Parents, especially mothers contribute positively towards their kid’s physiological well-being. Most parents impart their sedentary behavior to their kids, which leads to obesity and other behavioral problems. This article will highlight why parental support matters and why