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How to Apply and Get a UK EEA Family Permit when Travelling to the United Kingdom | Zentora Blog

zentora 301 days ago on News - The United Kingdom European Economic Area (EEA) permit is provided to individuals who are living outside the EEA area or a family member of an individual who is a member of the EEA. Getting the EEA permit attracts no fees and it makes it easier for individuals to enter the UK.

Eligibility to the Federal Skilled Workers Program Available in Canada | Zentora Blog

zentora 302 days ago on News - The federal skilled workers’ program was established so as to provide an efficient way of enabling foreign citizens with specialized skills to apply for immigration to Canada and start living and working there.

Oz Educational Institutions witnessed 12 % rise

zentora 302 days ago on News - Higher educational instructions in Australia witnessed a significant rise in international student enrolments in 2016. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has released data pertaining to the student enrolments that reveals that the enrolments went up by 12 percent in 2016, as compared to the same in 2015.

Key steps to avail Germany Student Visa | Zentora Blog

zentora 305 days ago on News - Germany has earned distinct position among global powers for its innovative technology, superior higher education structure, unmatched teaching mechanism and affordable education system. Many of top educational universities are located in Europe and most of them are from Germany.

Malta- A Majestic Island of Europe is a must visit | Zentora Blog

zentora 305 days ago on News - Travelling is all about exploring and keeping the nature close to you. One such land to explore is Malta. Tourism is part and parcel which everyone should rejoice for their refreshment and what not a better city than Malta situated near Italy a beautiful island in the European terrain. The Immigration to Malta will fall under norms of the Schengen area, and the visa processing will require the same documentation as for The Schengen Visa.


zentora 307 days ago on News - Australia has announced increase in visa fee pricing which will come into effect from 1 July 2017.
It would not be wrong to say that Australia is the land of and for Immigrants. For the years 2013 and 2014, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia proposes to give or provide 1,900,000 Permanent Resident Visas, of which a total of 128, 550 are under the Skilled Stream.

Germany's Job Seeker Visa at a glance | Zentora Blog

zentora 307 days ago on News - You can brighten your chance with Job Seeker Visa which gives you a period of 6 months to search a job, appear for interviews and join your suitable firm.This visa allows you to find yourself a decent profile.

New Online Australian Visitor Visa system attracts 3,00,000 Indian Tourist in 2017 | Zentora Blog

zentora 309 days ago on News - Australia being one of the most urbanized countries across the globe with wild and beautiful places is expecting around 3,00,000 immigrants from India itself. This upturn occurred due to certain aspects like online Australia Visitor Visaapplication provisions, various promotional activities initiated by Tourism of Australia and stabilized Australian dollar.